ARU at UK Games Expo

We’re at UK Games Expo next next weekend (31st May – 2nd June).

We’re on ITB Avenue, booth 1-266.

Now, it’s a BIG event with a ton going on—and we want to see you at our stall first. Or, as near to first as you can get.

We love meeting our friends and supporters—and we’re always keen to introduce new people to the must-have tabletop goodness of the All Rolled Up and the original Folding Dice Tray.

To that end, it’s easy to find us—though not without a short walk and some distractions along the way. Don’t get distracted—focus ahead!

Once you come in through the entrance, go left. Then walk until you almost reach the far wall—but don’t hit that last row; turn right the row before you hit the wall. Then walk halfway up the hall and we’re on your right—along with a bunch of other cool vendors and publishers.

So, once again—we’re on ITB Avenue, booth 1-266. Come and see us before you deep dive into the rest of the event and the games—because we will have a fantastic range of game rolls, dice trays (including new licenced designs for games like Chaosium‘s RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu), dice, wipe cards, pens and more… (including the Award Shortlisted RPG adventure Valkyrie Nine) All those essentials that will ease you through the weekend and cover all the handy accessories you forgot to pack. Or replace the ones you did bring with something cool and new!

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