Monthly Archives: February 2015

Rise of the Wipeable Card

We’ve been really happy with the Wipeable PVC Card, which went down terribly well at Conception at the end of January/beginning of February. We’ve been frantically looking to source more of the cards, but have had a hard time fixing a supplier and a price. We managed to find a supplier, and we’ve got the […]

Super Wipeable Cards

Because, sometimes, a PVC Wipeable Card isn’t enough – we have Super-size as well as Regular size for your tabletop gaming record-keeping needs. Giving you an extra 15mm (more or less) in height and width – it makes it practical to use even thicker dry wipe markers and get readable words and characters. We have […]

Shaking Up The Dungeon

We’re very happy whenever we get the opportunity to expand the range of products that bring the whole gaming experience to the table, because that’s what All Rolled Up has always been about. Hey, hi Dungeonmorph Dice sets! You might have heard the story before – I tell it a lot at conventions – but, […]