SENET – New Boardgame Magazine Available from All Rolled Up

All Rolled Up is pleased to announce that we will be carrying the UK boardgame magazine Senet.

Senet is a high-quality print magazine—printed in Wales on Antalis Woodfore uncoated paper—and just to pick up a magazine and flick through it, your sense of smell picks up the wood scent of the paper pulp, making it a sensory delight to read. Over 60 pages long, it’s filled with an array of articles and very little advertising.

You can purchase the current issue—as well as all 12 other back issues—from our web store. A perfect add-on to your board game purchase.

Board games are beautiful

Senet is a new, independent print magazine about the craft, creativity and community of board gaming. It’s for people who love tabletop games, from those who are new to the hobby to veteran players and board-game designers. The magazine promotes board gaming as an art form. Each issue includes previews of the most exciting and intriguing upcoming games, features which explore the tabletop experience and the creative processes behind it, and reviews of the latest releases from both major and independent publishers.

Quoted from Senet Magazine website

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