Valkyrie Nine Shortlisted

We’re excited to announce that The Cthulhu Hack investigation Valkyrie Nine has been shortlisted in this year’s UK Games Expo Awards for Best Role-playing Adventure—the same award for which Three Faces of the Wendigo won the People’s Vote in 2018.

Valkyrie Nine is an ideal one-shot adventure—suitable for a single session or convention play—that finds the player characters at the centre of a mystery at the heart of a lunar station. For the start, shrouded in smoke, the investigation faces danger and adversity. Packed with clues, handouts and five pre-generated characters, the book takes The Cthulhu Hack into a dark near future where the threat of the Mythos remains ever present and real.

You can see the entire shortlist, including pictures of most products, on the UKGE site at

You can pick up copies of Valkyrie Nine from the updated and expanded Cthulhu Hack section of the web store.

You can download the investigation handouts from DriveThruRPG.

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