Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is it?

The All Rolled Up, or ARU, was designed as a dice bag and gaming accessory, and is handmade in the United Kingdom. The ARU offers an innovative, flexible and all-in-one solution for bringing your gaming to the table. A game roll that combines pocket, pen tidy and dicebag into a single accessory – so that when you’re All Rolled Up you’re ready to game.

But, it’s not just for gamers… All Rolled Up can carry dice, eraser, index cards, sticky notes, beads, writing gear, drawing kit, boardgame components, trading cards, wargame miniatures, stationery, make-up and more. No need to worry about forgetting anything – All Rolled Up has everything you need to be a prepared player or GM. You can see examples of the capacity of All Rolled Up as a dice bag and gaming hold-all on our YouTube channel.

You can comfortably fit more than one hundred 16mm d6 dice inside the dice pouch. The pouch also has a flattened bottom, due to its box construction, that means it will stand up and allow easy access to the dice, counters and other items inside when in use at the gaming table.

The ARU measures approximately 40cm wide by 20cm across, with a 10cm deep dice bag secured with a velcro strip sewn across the whole of the bag and flap. The dice bag doesn’t only hold dice – it can hold playing cards, sleeved trading cards, miniatures, beads, counters and other gaming accessories.

The fabric is lined and machine stitched. The interior has a pocket, a little over 10cm across with a capacity of 9.5cm by 12cm – sufficient to hold about 60 index cards (7.5cm by 12.5cm) or an unsleeved pack of 60 trading cards. The interior also features a multi-purpose holder for pens, pencils, Sharpies, dry/wet wipe markers, etc. with variable capacity mini-pockets, 12cm deep and between 2cm to 4cm in width.

The ARU also includes a loop, suitable for looping a belt through or securing a carabiner to allow you to attach to something else, like a bag, satchel or rucksack. The side of the ARU has 35cm ties to secure the game roll when rolled up.

To be clear, all ARU have been made with selected fabrics obtained from a variety of sources worldwide. In some instances, the combination of fabrics that make up the coordinated interior and exterior involves more material than the standard ARU design.

Alternatively, we may create special ARU with extra features – like the Chalk or Map ARU – that involve a much higher cost to produce. Both of these – special fabrics or extras – make for an ARU of a different status, attracting a higher base retail price.

Occasionally, we may also source the last of a specific fabric, often creating a one-off design we will not have the material to recreate. In this instance, we will clearly signpost the unique nature of the product, and this may attract a premium price also. The attention to detail, craftspersonship and careful quality control never changes; just the variety and range of material and decoration.

No. Well… quite probably no.

We handcraft every All Rolled Up game roll and dice bag from material often cut from pieces of larger material, some with quite expansive or complex patterns. As a result, you may find that the piece of fabric used to make your ARU will come from a part of the greater pattern, offset from, and thus different to, that pictured. This very fact means that the ARU you buy will be a one-of-a-kind, unique to you.

Our orignal folding dice tray came about after a customer persistanly asked us for one. We invented a design that would fold in half and travel inside of our existing All Rolled Up. It comes in Felt and neoprene options. The felt is 100% wool with a high quality PVC backing. We also do a printed neoprene range which has printed images on it.

We have a registered IP on the design, so if you buy a dice tray that does not have our All Rolled Up logo on it or snaps with our logo then you are buying a product that has been copied from our IP

2 - Shopping

We look to send In Stock items ordered out within 48 hours, Monday to Friday of receipt of payment.
In the event that we are at a Convention it may take a few days longer, but you can contact us in advance to check on this.
We post out using various Royal Mail options so you can choose the speed of delivery you want.
You can also purchase, ‘click and collect’ free from our Stockport Store.

3 - Custom Orders

Updated 24 June 2016: We will consider any proposals, work and schedule permitting for a customised design and suggest you get in touch with us directly, via the Contact button, to discuss the details. All custom orders attract a standard, flat charge of £10 design and consultation fee in addition to the cost of the final product. We will consider custom fabrics, customised badging and other options, and we will agree a price per ARU based on your specific requirements. We will work with you to complete the ARU to the agreed specification. Custom ARU are an exception to our standard return policy. They cannot be returned.

In terms of the amount of material, you need 1.5 Fat Quarters, in total, to make up an All Rolled Up dice bag and gaming roll. You need 0.5 FQ each for the outside, the liner, and the pockets inside. This assumes you want an ARU with exterior and dice bag in one material, internal lining in contrasting colour and, potentially, pockets in something eye-catching, but complimentary.

If you get a Fat Quarter for each material, there would be enough to make TWO All Rolled Up in total. Many online fabric stores only sell Fat Quarters as the smallest quantity – so you might consider ordering one for yourself and another as a gift.

You should contact us directly to discuss the sort of fabric required – i.e. the quality and thickness of the marterial, and discuss the specifics of your order. It would be beneficial to provide us with a web link to any fabrics you’re thinking about using for reference and advice.

4 - Care Guide

All Roll Up Dice Trays are either made from premium 100% wool felt and imitation leather or neoprene. Folded the felt tray will progressively develop a crease, but this should not impede your dice rolling. If the fold in your felt tray gets too bumpy, fear not; you can easily remedy the crease with an iron on a warm setting. If your iron has the option, set it to Wool (with steam switched off). At that setting, you can iron directly on the felt (avoiding the plastic snaps, as they may melt). Press down gently but firmly, with a constant pressure, until the crease disappears. If you feel a sense of caution then place a 100% cotton cloth over the felt – like a hanky or neckerchief. Never iron on the vinyl (faux leather) side – even a warm iron may leave a permanent mark. Never iron your neoprene dice tray – which shouldn’t crease at all!

You can machine wash your ARU in a cold, gentle wash or, alternatively, wash it by hand. As many of the fabrics used to construct the ARU contain 100% cotton, you should never tumble-dry or it will shrink. After washing, drip dry, hang outside or put somewhere to dry off naturally. Please note, any labels and printed badges may fade in the wash. If you experience a spill or stain on a limited area of the ARU, you may wish to try hand washing just that part rather than subjecting the whole roll to a wash. Ideally, avoid bringing your ARU into contact with liquids and anything that might stain, to avoid the need for washing to begin with. If we sell an All Rolled Up we know will not wash well, we will make it clear against any description of the product.

The Chalk Deluxe All Rolled Up uses a material called Chalk Cloth. You can wash it like any other ARU, but it will require additional attention to keep in tip-top condition. You can clean the chalk cloth with a duster or a dry piece of paper towel, like a chalkboard, without complication. Cleaning in a washing machine or with a mild non-bleach surface cleaner will give the surface a thorough clean, but you will need to prime it afterwards. Priming the chalk cloth creates a very fine film of chalk across the surface of the material that makes it easier to mark the surface. All you have to do is rub the side of a stick of chalk across the surface, vertically then horizontally, to cover the whole surface. Then wipe it clean with a duster or dry paper towel, and repeat the process. We strongly recommend that you purchase a good quality chalk to use with the cloth. Some chalks may contain additives or bulking materials that might scratch or scrape the surface of the chalk cloth. We do not recommend chalk pencils or liquid chalk – and you choose to use anything other than plain sticks of chalk at your own risk.

Some ARU have decorative fabric transfers. We strongly recommend that you hand wash ARU with transfers or use a cool machine wash. If you find the transfer teasing up around the edges, you can re-adhere the loose bits with a warm iron. First of all, flatten down the edges. Then, place a thin cloth, like a tea towel, or sheet of silicon baking paper (something that won’t immediately catch fire!) over the transfer and apply slow and firm horizontal and vertical strokes over the transfer area for about a minute. Please note, as a decorative flourish to an ARU, wear and tear and/or loss of the transfer will not be considered under the Returns Policy.

5 - Problems and Returns

If you are unhappy with your purchase – for whatever reason – please contact us within 14 calendar days. We will accept return of product in original unblemished and undamaged condition, at your own expense to return by post. After quality checking we will provide a full no quibbles refund.
If your item arrives defective or should you experience a malfunction outside your control – e.g. a loose belt strap, broken snap or a gap in the sewing – we will gladly repair or replace the item, based on the same quality checking for condition on return. We will also cover the price of postage in this instance.

Please contact us after the recomended Royal Mail delivery times have passed. Please note items can take longer to arrive over bank holidays, Christmas and if there are severe weather issues. These will be listed on Royal Mails website, national and international incidents.

If the item lost is due to buyers error (eg you have not provided a correct address or failed to pick up a parcel from a collection office, and item is returned to us, we can resend with repayment of postage. If it is our error,we will resend without charge.

Yes, if you contact us through the contact form BEFORE the items are shipped We can work with you to adjust the order according to your wishes. Once in Completed status we cannot alter your order before it’s posted. You will then need to read the return policy and contact us

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