Adventure Crucible – Building Stronger Scenarios For Any RPG Chapbook in a New Print Run

All Rolled Up is delighted to bring you a second print of Adventure Crucible – Building Stronger Scenarios for any RPG Chapbook by Robin D. Laws. Tentacles Press originally produced the booklet last year. We sold copies on our web store, but due to its popularity, all copies were sold out very quickly.

With Adventure Crucible ranking in The best selling horror TTRPGs published on DriveThruRPG 2023, as reported by Geek Native, we couldn’t allow this state to continue. And, the new print run not only brings more stock but also a reduced price—down from £19.99 to £12—and a free PDF with your purchase.

Put Your Adventures in the Crucible

In his latest contribution to the KRAKEN Chapbook Series, award-winning game designer Robin D. Laws shows the key structures underlying tabletop roleplaying scenarios. Sharpen your adventures in any game by learning the big five adventure types and how they tick.

The Dungeon: Whether you use it regularly or remember it from gaming days gone by, the scenario built from a map and its encounters hold lessons in drive and economy that illuminate the art of adventure design.

The Mystery: Master the intricate double structure of the adventure that sends your players into danger in pursuit of answers.

The Chain of Fights: Action leads to more action in a cinematically inspired flurry of blazing guns and flashing swords.

Survival: The heroes show grit and desperation as they struggle against incoming opposition, hunkered down or on the move in a hostile environment.

Intrigue: Set in motion a political whirl of rivals and wavering allies giving your characters room to dangerously vie for influence and power.

Learn the key obstacles of each structure and how to construct them for maximum impact. Craft story hooks the players will grab. Identify emotional stakes, then cut to the fun. Shape your scenarios so that they escalate and excitingly resolve.

Whether you’re a seasoned hand or new to the art of adventure making, Adventure Crucible will strengthen your technique and keep Fun Ruiners at bay.

This KRAKEN Chapbook is a Fundraiser for THE KRAKEN

THE KRAKEN is a baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators. We host Gaming Retreats at Schloss Neuhausen in former Prussia, Germany.

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