Monthly Archives: August 2016

Wipeable Card Character Sheet

A demonstration of a few things from the All Rolled Up table / web store. I’m using Super Size Wipeable PVC Cards, Staedtler Correctable Pen, Berol Fine Tip Drywipe, and one of our Wipe Cloth and Precision Stick kits. This is a bit fiddly, perhaps, but really didn’t take long at all. Quite enjoyable actually. […]

Polite Notice on Made to Order Items

From 1st September 2016, due to work constraints for a confluence of upcoming events (Concrete Cow, Furnace, and Spiel) and staff holidays (yes, we have a part-time member of staff helping who deserves a holiday!), we will put on on hold Made to Order items until after 18th October 2016. We will continue to add […]

Stranger Things, Vice and Dice Trays

Nostalgic Netflix drama Stranger Things has reminded many a lapsed geek of the existence of gaming beyond the console or monitor screen – and such reawakened folk go off in search of the truth about Dungeons & Dragons, it would seem. Is it all about demogorgons, fireballs, and kids playing games in the basement? Vice reporter Tom Jones […]

ENnie Awards Gold for Best Accessory

Thanks to everyone who voted for us. Fil has been speechless for much of the morning. I’ve been pretty close to the same state. Three years after launching the All Rolled Up brand of game rolls, we have always been overwhelmed and appreciative of the support from gamers everywhere – and beyond gamers. We appreciate […]