heavy cotton cloth waterproofed with oil.

The fabric on our oilskin All Rolled Up (ARU) is nothing like any other ARU we have made before. We have acquired authentic oilskin fabric, made right here in the United Kingdom, to create these very special game rolls. The properties of oilskin make it waterproof against the elements. In using oilskin for our Adventurer series, we have All Rolled Ups made from the same fabric fisherman use for their fishing coats.

There are a few little things I need to tell you about your oilskin.


As the material’s name explicitly implies, it does have real oil in the fabric. So we would advise not leaving anything highly absorbent or porous (like paper or delicate fabrics) laying on the oilskin for long periods of time.

Handling your Adventurer oilskin ARU may transfer a small amount of oil to your hands; we would advise washing them before picking up anything with absorbent properties. However, we’d like to point out that, anecdotally, oilskin is actually good for dry hands, as oil is good for trapping moisture in the skin.

If you find your oilskin creases badly, leave it open and lying flat in a warm room. You can speed the process up by smoothing the surface with the warmth of your hands.

Oilskin may fade if left in direct sunlight, just like many other materials. Also, you should avoid direct contact with hot objects, as this too may adversely affect the material, which is not heat resistant.


Oilskin is a weatherproof and breathable material, so it should handle minor spills with the simple wipe of an absorbent cloth.

If you need to clean it, don’t use detergent or hot water, as this will deplete the oil. Wait for the spill to try and brush off or sponge with cold water. If you get your oilskin All Rolled Up really dirty, you can handwash in cold water – but, again, no detergent.


Over time, these fabrics will age with use and will develop their own particular texture and appearance. If parts start drying out, take a little linseed or rapeseed oil, rub between your fingers, and then rub into the dry spot, using a circular motion, until it’s all absorbed. Olive and sunflower oil will do in a pinch! This will enable your fabric to stay waterproof.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do get in contact with us.

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