All Rolled Up Announces Weird Frontiers Collaboration with Stiff Whiskers Press

All Rolled Up are excited to announce a collaboration with David Baity of Stiff Whisker Press, with brand new products featuring artwork from his Weird Frontiers RPG.

Weird Frontiers puts the “Weird” into the West by way of a heavy dose of Lovecraft injected into a post-American Civil War world filled with elder-taint and those who embrace it to unleash recently awakened Elder Gods from their dimensional exile.

The role-playing game is 100% compatible with the popular Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. But, you will also find an abundance of new mechanics, spells, and material usable in any DCC-related game.

For a limited time, you have a window of opportunity (WOO) to order handmade Weird Frontiers All Rolled Up product to enhance your gaming experience.

You will only be able to pre-order/purchase these items from All Rolled Up. We ship worldwide from our webstore.

In addition, we can offer pick-up for anyone attending Garycon next month. Pre-order and pick-up directly from David Baity. This offer comes at a reduced postage rate of £5.50 – no matter how much you order. To take advantage of this offer, please choose the shipping option Gary Con XVI – March 21st-24th Lake Geneva USA at the checkout.

Last date for ordering product to Collect at Gary Con – Feburary 29th 2024

Last date for ordering posting out Directly – March 13th 2024

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the pick up at Gary Con option unless you’re going to be there! If you can’t collect, your refund will reflect a 15% restock fee deduction, or you can pay the difference for direct shipping.

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