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ENnie Awards Gold for Best Accessory

Thanks to everyone who voted for us. Fil has been speechless for much of the morning. I’ve been pretty close to the same state. Three years after launching the All Rolled Up brand of game rolls, we have always been overwhelmed and appreciative of the support from gamers everywhere – and beyond gamers. We appreciate […]

The Dracula Dossier All Rolled Up Inception

Many great nations and peoples have measured the passage of time through myriad methods, too numerous for me to list or spend the time trawling Wikipedia for information. I imagine few – if any – have ever ticked off the passage of time by gaming conventions. However, when you’re the wingman to a woman who […]

Fully Loaded Dracula

This past weekend, a staggering 18-hour game of Pelgrane Press‘s excellent Dracula Dossier ran at Longcon in Sheffield. Despite stiff opposition, the meeting of minds between well-equipped and determined expert investigator won through to the destruction of the Dark Prince. They made the most of the tradecraft at their disposal – as well as suspect charts, […]

Dracula Landings

If you head over to Pelgrane Press Ltd’s website you can see a whole gallery of pictures featuring the fulfilled Kickstarter rewards of the highly successful Dracula Dossier campaign. As well as finding a picture of Cat Tobin draped over book-packed boxes, you can see a whole bunch of All Rolled Ups – both The Black […]

Top Secret: Dracula Dossier

This message has been classified as ALPHA GOLD Clearance, rated ULTRA TOP SECRET. All Kickstarter fulfilment measures are covered by the Official Secrets Act. Authorised Personnel Only. For Nights Black Agent’s Eyes ONLY +++ Dracula Dossier files +++ +++ Project Protocol: OPERATION EDOM +++ Mission Details Enclosed: CODE NAME RED ROOM and CODE NAME BLACK […]

Dracula Dossier Dice Bag

All Rolled Up and +Pelgrane Press Ltd came together to create The Black Archive and The Red Room for the well-received Dracula Dossier Kickstarter. It feels like Fil and I worked on these special edition All Rolled Up game rolls for an age – and when Cat Tobin asked me to write a piece of Page […]