Window of Opportunity

All Rolled Up has a ton of events scattered across the year and we also support a lot of other things, like crowd-funding and stores. That means that the chances to make product to go on the web store wax and wane.

You might have noticed in the month since festivities subsided that things have been a bit thin on the ground, because we had SO MANY orders for gifts.

Well, this is your chance to get something for yourself, as we’ve opened what we’ll be calling a All Rolled Up Window Of Opportunity (hashtag #ARUWOO – if you were wondering) in the online store.

For two weeks – until 22nd February – we’ve made it possible to buy Made to Order product, as well as In Stock items. In many cases, these Made to Order items will be things that we have partially completed. Your interest floats those to the top of the pile.

We still have to stick with the standard order fulfilment timeline (check out the FAQ for all those niggling questions you might have) – so it could be up to 3 weeks (21 calendar days) from receipt of payment before we ship – but, this is your chance to make a difference and grab a game roll from a wider selection. As we say, this is a little like up-voting your favourite from the Wait List and laying down your claim.

Grab this #ARUWOO while it lasts. Refresh the store (empty that browser cache) and check what’s up on offer; when the 22nd swings around, we’ll be back on In Stock only.

Head over to the Web Store now!

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