Sanction: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game of Challenges and Hacks

Sanction is a complete game based on the award-winning RPG The Dee Sanction, a game of Elizabethan supernatural horror and investigation. Sanction is a tabletop roleplaying game focused on somewhat extraordinary folk facing off against threats and meeting challenges in pursuit of a goal—seeking the defeat of a raging spirit, uncovering a government conspiracy, or finding the cause of a catastrophic jumpdrive failure stranding a ship in enemy space.

Adapting the game to a setting requires a little work by the Game Moderator—configuring a set of skill-focused tables to generate characters; defining any unique mechanics, like angelic favours, expendable gadgets, or uncanny good luck; and customising unpredictable but determined foes to stand between success and failure. 

For all of this, Sanction offers a toolbox of advice and a range of off-the-shelf settings and adventures to use immediately.

Sanction’s crowdfunding campaign—which ends in a week, at 6 PM on 30th September—will fund a 36-page black-and-white illustrated compact book (A5, 148 x 210mm/5.8 x 8.3 inches) printed in black ink on 115gsm silk pages with a 230gsm board cover in maroon with cover art and a bookmarked and hyperlinked PDF.

In addition to the standard softcover, we offer a hardcover option with the same length and dimensions. Cased in red Wibalin Buckram, with 2.25mm boards, foiled in white with the Sanction title, and printed on heavier 150gsm silk paper stock.

There are four primary pledge levels.

► The Shade Hunter: You get the PDF of Sanction and all applicable digital stretch goals.

► The Eager Minion: You get the printed softcover, the PDF of Sanction, and all applicable digital stretch goals.

► The Red Agent: You get the printed hardcover, the PDF of Sanction, and all applicable digital stretch goals.

► The Treasure Seeker: You get the must-have tabletop accessories of a Sanction folding neoprene dice tray and an All Rolled Up Dice Bag of Holding, along with the hardcover rules, a PDF, and all applicable digital stretch goals.

And there are a range of physical books for The Dee Sanction and Cthulhu Hack available as add-ons at below-normal retail prices.

Stretch goals are digital—focusing on genre-setting enhancements and extras. Each genre supplement will run to approximately 8 – 12 pages, featuring character generation tables, setting details, unique features, plus sample threats and enemies. Check out the images, below, for some of the settings on offer—including the already funded Thruster Gold and soon-to-be-funded prequel to The Dee Sanction, Safety Lies in Fear.

You have just seven days left to join the cause and beat the FOMO (and a few evil spirits and Fae, too). Head to Kickstarter now.

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