Tiny Cypher System ARU at Gen Con 50

All Rolled Up will have the full Numenera and The Strange range of mini dice bags – the super compact Tiny All Rolled Up – available from booth 2959 at Gen Con – and in demo at the Monte Cook Games booth (booth 2519) on Thursday morning.

(This is really exciting stuff. We’re still not quite on top of the fact that we’re travelling all the way from the UK for Gen Con 50!)

Licensed with Monte Cook Games, the Tiny All Rolled Ups will hold the essentials you need for any game using the Cypher System.

The compact mechanics mean you only need a few dice – and we have that covered with a mini Velcro secured dice pocket, which can also hold any beads or counters.

The middle pocket will hold a dozen or more cards – whether the essential XP cards or a scattering of cyphers or creatures from your Cypher Chest.

At the other end, you can hold a couple of small pens, pencils or other markers, and the loop on the top means you can hang the whole thing from a lanyard.

We have all the designs – and when we were at Spiel in Essen last year we totally under-estimated the popularity, because they sold out on the first day in a couple of hours.

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