Adventurer Oilskins – Price Increase

Sadly, due to an increase in our costs for both of the inner and outer fabrics used in the Adventurer Oilskin All Rolled Up, we will be increasing the price of all Oilskins from £35.00 to £40.00, as of Monday 3rd April. If you want to order an Oilskin at the current price, you can do so (materials permitting) until we make the update.

Unlike a lot of my other fabrics used in hand-crafting the All Rolled Ups, we’re unable to bulk buy in large quantities of oilskin fabric due to limited storage arrangements. We have bulk purchased many other fabric patterns in the last few years so – all being well – we should have enough to maintain the current pricing of most other designs. However, due to rising market prices, some All Rolled Ups will see new pricing over the coming weeks, reflecting a general increase in cost.

For the time being, due to fixed costing of raw materials, the pricing of Dice Trays, both wool felt and neoprene, will remain the same.

Thanks for all your support – Team ARU

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