Wipeable Card Character Sheet

A demonstration of a few things from the All Rolled Up table / web store. I’m using Super Size Wipeable PVC Cards, Staedtler Correctable Pen, Berol Fine Tip Drywipe, and one of our Wipe Cloth and Precision Stick kits.

This is a bit fiddly, perhaps, but really didn’t take long at all. Quite enjoyable actually. All the rectangles are drawn with the Correctable. Most of the numbers are drawn with the Berol.

The white words on black I did with a white pencil – which scrapes away a little of the Correctable. Didn’t have to be white – a hard pencil should be fine as it write on the PVC. You’re just gently scraping away the Correctable black.

I wrote the titles and the character name with the Correctable, as you wouldn’t expect these to change often. Other details, changeable ones, warrant using the Berol.

All Rolled Up Wipeable Card Character Sheet

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You can use the same principle for drawing maps, keeping combat notes, writing down personal thoughts or discoveries – and after you’re done, clean the Wipeable Card and stow it. Less tabletop waste – no more scrap paper, index cards and sticky notes filling the bin after a gaming session.

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