UK Games Expo

Evening from UK Games Expo in Birmingham. We have a long weekend of gaming and trading ahead. Spent the late afternoon and early evening setting up – so tomorrow we hit the ground running.

Number One – because we’re in Birmingham, we won’t be processing any new orders until we return, which will be Monday 6th June at the earliest. When we’re back, we’ll dig into the backlog and contact you as soon as possible.

Number Two – if you’re at UK Games Expo this weekend, you can find us in NEC Hall number ONE, at stall E29 on X-Wing Avenue. The easiest way to find us would be to look out for the Wotan Games bus – yes, a big grey bus. We’re at the drivers end of the bus, opposite Travelling Man and next to Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

We have a massive range of All Rolled Up, including several brand new designs, including official Symbaroum game rolls. We have card boxes, A5 white plastic boxes, Chessex and Q-Workshop dice and more besides.

Number Three – Support our Foldings Dice Trays! We have these handy must-have gaming accessories in the UK Games Expo Awards 2016 Accessories category. We would honestly love your support.

Additionally, we have copies of The Cthulhu Hack and the boxed bundle. Squarehex and David Black have The Black Hack up in the Roleplaying Games category – so please support them!

If you do come along, drop in and see us. We’d love to chat – and there’s nothing like touching an All Rolled Up or folding Dice Tray to appreciate the quality materials and craftspersonship involved.

Have a great weekend.

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