Bag and Bowl

Bowl with 150 marbles
Van Helsing ARU in bowl form with 150 marbles!

A Reddit user – Aardquark – was recently on the lookout for something specific in a dice bag.

I’m after a dice bag that folds into some kind of bowl/tray … , so you can see what’s in it while playing a game. I actually want it to hold marbles, so it specifically has to fold into something with at least semi-rigid sides, not just a flat rolling surface. In terms of size, I’d say it needs to fit about 40 20mm marbles.

Well, the All Rolled Up will do that, although it’s a benefit of the design that might have got lost along the way.

You see, when I originally started up with the idea of the All Rolled Up and brainstormed it with my wife, I happened to be running a lot of Hollowpoint at events. Hollowpoint uses a metric ton of six-sided dice. I needed to have not only about 7 or 8 dice per player, I also needed about 20 to 25 dice for a GM pool and a bunch for a team pool. I needed about 100 6-sided dice and they needed to be accessible to all.

The All Rolled Up has a dice bag with a flat bottomed design. Now, you might say that a lot of dice bags have that. But, the All Rolled Up also has a long, low-sided dice bag. The long and low aspect means that when you use it as a bowl for the table, you can see what you’re grabbing. A lot of dice bags with flat bottoms have a bag design that means they’ll stand up on the table, but the walls won’t allow you to see anything inside.

So, take a look at the pictures below. In the first you can see the Van Helsing All Rolled Up meeting the expectations of the Reddit user request – with 40 marbles scattered in the bowl. The design means you can shape the dice bag. The rest rolls underneath, or you could lie it out flat. When rolled up, it keeps all those rolling marbles in check.

Now, capacity-wise the All Rolled Up can handle a lot more than 40 marbles. Indeed, in the later pictures you can see I up-ended a whole pot of them in the bowl – and the All Rolled Up closed snug with 150 marbles inside.

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