Mothers Love


The Cthulhu Hack: Mother’s Love is a collection of three brand new investigations within the setting of H P Lovecraft’s Mythos, all set in the late 20th and early 21st Century.

Deep Roots – In 1950s Canada, officers of the law and Children’s Services investigate a double murder and kidnapping that seems to connect back to an abandoned orphanage, in the backwaters of lumber country.

Gift of the Flesh – A team of animal activists seek to infiltrate the abattoir of a company growing rich on the sale of luxury meat products, with evidence of shady practice and possible bribery of European food standards regulators.

Ggantija – In celebration of the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death, theatre director Peter Catterick organises a special performance of The Tempest held in the Neolithic Temples at Xaghra. But rehearsals descend into dark events and suddenly the actors find themselves pursued by something far worse than critics or paparazzi.

A 76-page hardback with red ribbon bookmark. The book does not fit into the slim or deep boxes. You can download a PDF version of the book from the Just Crunch store on RPGNow;
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