Maelstrom Domesday Hardcover


Maelstrom was one of the classic Roleplaying games of the 1980’s,
innovative in design and setting alike.

Revised, rewritten and updated for a new gaming generation, Maelstrom
Domesday is a game of supernatural investigation in Anglo-Norman
England. Rebellion, horror and fear stalk the villages, towns and cities of
the new Norman Kingdom, and only a brave and disparate band can
prevent a decline into anarchy.

A lifepath system creates characters that are both deep and yet competent
for the tasks ahead. Rewritten and expanded rules provide fast and
flexible gameplay whilst still covering most in-play situations. The
original Maelstrom free-form magic system allows a magical character to
accomplish almost anything…at a price.

This core book also includes a full guide to life in 1086 and a richly
described setting complete with dozens of important personages,
adventure hooks and locations. There is enough in this one book for
years of play and hundreds of adventures.

So grab your dice, open this book and enter the world of Maelstrom

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