Deep One All The Books – The Cthulhu Hack


The Cthulhu Hack Deep One All Books bundle: every physical book currently released for this standalone game of investigation and Lovecraftian horror. Includes:

  • 156-page The Cthulhu Hack 2e A5 Core book
  • 20-page From Unformed Realms, random horror generator;
  • 88-page The Haunter of the Dark, a story-to-adventure how-to guide;
  • 20-page The Dark Brood, a guide to the cult of Shub-Niggurath; plus
  • Copies of double-award winning Valkyrie Nine, award-winning Three Faces of the Wendigo, and Mother’s Love – offering seven ready-to-play investigations

The books are contained in an A5-sized deep box and come with 4 wipeable character cards. Manufactured in: United Kingdom. Box design may vary. All PDF’s of the books inside the box are included free.