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A game inside a game: THE THREE COINS is an in-world document exploring a story-telling game played in the back streets and alleys of a|state’s The City.

A 32 page, full-colour softcover, this book is a facsimile of a real book from The City.

Penned by an unknown author, “The Three Coins: Anthropology, psychology ludology” was seized on publication by the Bureau for Standards. The text shows the hand of the censor, and the margins are full of their commentary upon the scholarly material within.

Somehow, one copy escaped the Archive of Publications Unfit for Public Consumption, and was subsequently annotated by an unknown player of the game THE THREE COINS.

THE THREE COINS is both a playable storygame which uses three coins to determine the outcomes of story events, and an artefact of The City.

Written by Morgan Davie and illustrated by Paul Bourne.

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