The Haunter of The Dark


The Cthulhu Hack is a standalone game of investigation and dealing with the sanity-shattering shock of facing Things Best Left Unknown.

The Haunter of the Dark was nominated for an ENnie Award at Gen Con 2017. The book is a supplement to the core game that offers a story-to-adventure how-to guide, which includes the full, and annotated, text of Lovecraft’s final solo Mythos tale, The Haunter of the Dark. As well as a detailed discussion of the process and structure of creating adventures from Lovecraft’s fiction, it includes a sequel, The Hacker of the Dark as an example of the thought process involved.

An 88-page supplement, including 1-page Open Gaming License. You can download a PDF version of the book from the Just Crunch store on RPGNow. Manufactured in: United Kingdom

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