The Dee Sanction Essentials Box Set


The Dee Sanction Essentials Box Set contains everything you need to run a game of The Dee Sanction. Contents include;

  • The Dee Sanction is a self-contained role-playing game. A 68-page black-and-white illustrated compact book.
  • The Dee Sanction:Adventures contains six adventures set against the backdrop of London and the Elizabethan countryside, setting Agents of Dee against varied conspiracies and devilish plans, filled with diverse challenges and dark magic.
  • The Sight, a supplement for the tabletop role-playing game The Dee Sanction expanding character generation options to include feats of the supernatural. The talents of Aura Reading, Scrying, Prophecy and Token Reading are introduced and explained, along with an expanded Favour table to include the possibility of acquiring them when you create your Agent.
  • The Book of Days — or — The Dee Sanction Journal, a blank character record in the style of a bullet-journal, featuring copies of the character sheet plus room to organise and keep notes, including dotted, lined and blank paper.
  • 4 Dry Wipe Character Cards for use with the Dee Sanction.
  • 3 Dee Sanction Bookmarks – with handy quick reference on the back of each bookmark

All the contents come in an A5-sized slim box with a deluxe Dee Sanction sticker on the front.

All PDF’s of the books inside the box set are included free.

Manufactured in: United Kingdom

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