Dune RPG – The Gamemaster’s Toolkit


The Dune Gamemaster’s Toolkit contains:

Beautiful artwork that wraps around the outer facing panels of the screen.
Reference tables and key rules
32 page Gamemaster booklet with tools and advice on creating and running a Dune: Adventures in the Imperium campaign. The booklet contains:
Adventures in the Imperium – a discussion of the themes and conflicts in Dune and how to use them in your campaign to create new adventures. Each theme comes with several scenario outlines.
Adventure Generator – based on the John Carter system this section offers a wealth of tables and charts to randomly create a Dune adventure and populate it with NPCs.
Intrigues – 4 ready-made intrigues that set up a situation for the player characters to investigate
Locations – 3 fully detailed locations, complete with NPCs and scenario hooks – a spice smuggler den, an underworld den in Arrakeen and a House Wakyu spacecraft for passage on a Guild Heighliner.

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