Maze of the Blue Medusa Reprinted

If you missed your chance to buy a copy of the multi-award winning Maze of the Blue Medusa, Satyr Press have announced the second printing is here! What’s more, in less than a day Ken Baumann said that 300 copies had been ordered – so, if you’re really keen to get a hold of the physical book, speed would seem to be of the essence. Get over to the publisher website before the 2nd print of this sumptuous and huge dungeon book runs out… again.

What’s more, you should remember that you can “Maze Up” your whole gaming experience, as we offer a range of products featuring the gorgeous art from the book – including a Maze of the Blue Medusa All Rolled Up, two dice trays – Chronia Torn and The Gallery – and the lush, utterly tactile, velvet Blue Medusa Map.

Satine Phoenix was especially pleased to see all this Zak Sabbath artwork featured across the All Rolled Up range when we met her recently on the Maze Arcana Euro-tour:

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