Liminal Shores

We’re ecstatic to see that not only have our long-time friends at Monte Cook Games launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign, but that the campaign funded on the same day as launched!

Liminal Shores offers new realms and new ways to explore the wonders of the Ninth World, incredible discoveries to be made, and mind-bending secrets of the prior worlds. Delving beyond the material world into the heart of the Datasphere—a sort of massively advanced artificial reality and repository like the Internet—the player characters have the opportunity to discover secrets of the Prior Worlds, some which might threaten the very existence of the Ninth World.

We recommend newcomers and old hands of Numenera take a look at the material on offer, kicking off with the basic three new sourcebooks, but certain to expand far beyond that.

And while you’re in the mood for Cypher System games like this and The Strange, why not check out our extra special TARU (Tiny All Rolled Up)—game rolls we specifically designed for games with few components that you nevertheless want to carry around in style. Featured in the recently released Your Best Game Ever!, they’re a mini-essential for carrying a single polyhedral set of dice, a few vital cards, and some micro-stationary.

Check out the Liminal Shores Kickstarter now


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