Kickstarter F.A.Q.

I have a problem with my Kickstarter Fulfillment.

Please email any issues or questions ONLY to We endeavour to answer
within 24 hours.
Do not use: Kickstarter Messaging, Kickstarter Comments, comments under Kickstarter Updates, or the
All Rolled Up contact form.
If we do not respond to your email after 48 hours, you should send a Message on Kickstarter.
We have a team of two dealing with everything on this Kickstarter, so your assistance in keeping to a
single communication channel will help us provide prompt responses.

How do I get my bonus 2 free Character cards? I don't see them on my Kickstarter account page.

These are gratis! Everyone who ordered a physical Dee Sanction Book — hard or softcover — will
have them included. There’s no additional option you need to select for their inclusion.

I log on to my All Rolled Up, but I don't see my rewards under my Kickstarter page.

If you are an existing All Rolled Up customer, are you using the same email used on Kickstarter? All
Dee Sanction Kickstarter rewards have been assigned to that email. It may be that you will have two
The Kickstarter page will only be visible on the account associated with your Kickstarter email.
If you don’t have an account with All Rolled Up, one was created with your Kickstarter account’s
fulfilment information for that purpose.
If you have the correct details entered at All Rolled Up (i.e., the right email, correct spelling, etc.) as your
Kickstarter account, but you don’t see the Kickstarter option when logged in, please contact us

I understand the Ossulstone Map might take longer than the rest of the delivery on these orders. If that's the case, can you send it later, and I'll pay the postage for that separately?

Yes, indeed. If you don’t want your parcel held up, please add all other physical products to the cart
you wish to have sent now (excluding the map) and go through the checkout process.
If the map was a reward, it (and anything else you want to be sent separately) will stay on your account
until you add it to the basket and check out. You can break deliveries down as many times as you like; a
reward will only disappear once you have gone through the check out process.
Think of this being like a regular shop; you buy what you want and when you want it.

I don't see the Dee Sanction Adventures to download on my account.

You won’t see them until they are written. The adventures were a stretch goal and not part of the
Kickstarter fulfilment to be completed in April. These will appear sometime later in the year, as and when
they’re finished. NOTE: this will only be available as a PDF; we currently don’t have plans to print this.

I am sorry I seem to have wholly missed how to get to the rewards.

An update was emailed out in January with all the details on getting started the process:

Please check your spam folders to see if it may be in there. They will have been emailed to the account
registered with Kickstarter and have all the rewards assigned to them.

If you need to get a reminder of your password, go to
password/ and enter your Kickstarter email address as your Username. The Username is case sensitive, so

please enter the email as it appears on your Kickstarter account.
If you still can’t get access, please email us at

I read in Update 48, Book of the Dead, that if you paid for this in the Kickstarter Add Ons and live outside the UK/EU that there's extra shipping information. Where is this info?

When you log on to your account, go to your Kickstarter page. There is a message near the top of the
screen with precise details. Please follow the details at check out as requested.
If you paid for a Book of the Dead box set during the KS campaign and but don’t see the instructions,

after following these steps, please contact us at

When I backed The Dee Sanction Kickstarter, I added extra money to my pledge to cover an Add On and/or pay for postage. I don't see the reward on my page.

You won’t. The Kickstarter we ran had all of the Add Ons included for purchase during the campaign.
When you chose your pledge, you would have been given options to order extras during Kickstarter.
Kickstarter has no way to allocate extra funds added to your pledge. Kickstarter considers these funds to
be a reward or tip to the publishers running the campaign. With our Kickstarter Pledge Management,
these will only show as support to the campaign.

I'm confused. When I add my Kickstarter reward to my basket, I have to pay for the item I have already paid for on Kickstarter. Have I done something wrong?

Make sure you are choosing the correct item. The rewards included in your pledge are at the top of the
page with a zero price tag. Only add the items at the bottom of the page if you want an Add On; these
products you pay for.
If you are missing products, please do contact us at

I added multiple Add On items of the same product, but I only see one of the things showing on my Kickstarter page.

If you ordered multiples of a single product, add that many products to your basket. Your account has
been allocated all of the product you purchased.

I added The Book of Dead Names Deep Box to my cart/pledge. On the Dee Sanction Kickstarter, you said, that I will receive PDFs for the Cthulhu Hack books included in the boxed set. How do I get these?

As an added bonus to those who purchase the Book of Dead names box set, we will include all the
PDFs for those books after sending all the items out for the Kickstarter.
There are only two of us running the entire Kickstarter, so we need to prioritise getting the Dee Sanction
products delivered first.
We will contact you via your Kickstarter email about how to get your PDFs.

I have not received confirmation of my order placed.

Please check spam first as it may have gone there. For all orders, physical or virtual, we send a
confirmation email to you. If you added a physical product to your basket and paid postage, you will get a
payment notification.
However, I have seen some payments come through to the website only to then fail. Please check when
you finalise the payment that it hasn’t failed. If it fails, you will need to go back and redo the purchase.
If you have any problems, please contact us at

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