Crowd-funding & Launches

At All Rolled Up, we want to support you and your project in reaching the customer with maximum impact. To this end, when you have a project launch or a crowd-funding for a new product—consider something a little bit special from us to entice more customers.

We can work with you to create special must-have game accessories, at scale, including:

  • Game roll dice bags
  • Folding dice trays
  • Messenger bags, both large and small

Game rolls work best for smaller projects or where you want to have something special associated with a pledge level. They also work well as add-ons.

We will work with you not only to create a great product, but also select the ideal materials, colours and designs to produce something stunning. We can handle logos for your brand or complete external custom-printed panels.

Our original Folding Dice Trays can be scaled in quantity to meet demand, from hundreds to thousands of units delivered. Each product will come with our logo and that of our partner, Custom Patriot, and feature one or more designs that we will work with you to optimise.

Or, through Snap n Roll—our sister company—you can have those products white labelled to feature only your logo or product brand.

Messenger Bags, like game rolls, are best considered for special pledge levels or add-ons, but we have greater flexibility to produce these at scale. As with everything else, we will work with you to create the best possible look for your product, leveraging our expertise and experience.

All we ask is that you have the rights to use any images needed, with written permission from the rights holder or artist; and that you provide us with at least 3 months notice for any request, to ensure we have adequate opportunity to create the design, source materials, provide prototypes for your publicity, and finally fulfil your order to an agreed deadline.

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