Free RPG Day – Games for Sign Up – List is LIVE

We have the full list of games, to celebrate Free RPG Day, up on Warhorn for Saturday. We have five experienced and brilliant GMs running games for us, of which three are Award-Winning RPG authors.…/all-rolled-up…/manage/schedule

Bonus! – All Players who sign up for a game and attend/play the slot will be able to pick up a Free RPG Day item (from the 2021 or 2022 selection) without needing to make a purchase, as a thank you for your support.


Chalk-white & Trembling

Delta Green

GM – Richard August

3 years ago, Alice Reedy disappeared. Now she’s returned, unable to speak, and communicating only through bizarre signs she draws on every available surface. Where did she go? Why is she back? And why is she caked in thick white chalk she refuses to allow cleaned off?

You’re in luck, agents. It’s your chance to find out.

Primeval Bastionland

Into the Odd

GM – Chris McDowall

A land born of myth. The past that never was now is. Petty domains in the wildland. Horrors from story and song. But in our dreams, the shining city. A haven of civilisation. All Knights take the oath: Protect the weak. Witness the myths. Find the City. 3 to 4 Knights will explore the domain of Scowerloch, seeking myths worthy of a quest.

A rules-lite game based on Into the Odd and Electric Bastionland. No need to prep anything ahead of time. You’ll need a pencil, 3d6, a d4, d8, d10, d12, and d20, though I’ll have spares as needed.

The Downing Of The Atychos

Salvage Union

GM – Paul Baldowski

The world is dead. Arcologies dot the landscape; home to the corporate elites and those who serve them. Those who wish for freedom live in the wastes, eking out a living amid the dust storms, drought, and the monsters that plague the landscape. The more enterprising see a third way. A collective of like-minded folk, not content with waster life, or Corpo serfdom. A collective with the desire to realise their own destiny – the Salvage Union.

You have chosen this – living in a mechanised Crawler seeking salvage and supplies to top up the hydroponic and recycling units onboard. Any day with the promise of some new salvage is a good one, and this may be your luckiest haul yet.


Hunter or Hunted

Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Soulbound

GM – Jonathan Knott

A hunt is set, for a pack of powerful Gore-Gunters a group of Soulbound from the town of Mystheart set out on the hunt But the realm of Ghur is a dangerous place and many others hunt such beasts.

Can the Soulbound get their first?

Swords Against Owlbears

13th Age

GM – Guy Milner

Where do Owlbears come from? A wizard did it. Still does, in fact – her name is the Maker of Many, and Dr Moreau-like inventions push the boundaries of life, death, madness, and reason – and you’re all trapped in her dungeon, the Twisted Gardens.

Can you escape, and will you resist the mutating energies of the Maker?

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