Mandatory Face Masks

As the Government announce that face masks will be made compulsory on all public transport in England from June 15, All Rolled Up can assure you that we have been working day and night to keep up our inventory.

As the daily updates from the Government remind us that they’re seeking to re-open the High Street and invite us to return to work where we must, we want to do everything we can to support this initiative – while allowing you to maintain your own unique style.

It matters that you’re comfortable and our Face Masks can be readily washed and enhanced with additional filter pads. As ever, we must reiterate that these are not PPE – but, they can help limit the spread of infection in conditions and situations where you must share confined spaces.

We hope you all continue to look after yourselves and we will continue to expand our Face Mask range to give you a range of options in style.

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