Face Masks

The world has changed with the spread of COVID-19 and, as states of lockdown change, we need to be ready to step outside with the right protection – which means Face Masks.

We have listened to the requests from our customers and supporters and created a Face Mask design of our own. It’s based on a solid, widely available template, but we made a few tweaks to enhance the final product.

The Face Masks all have a 100% cotton base, designed for reuse after washing and drip dry. Designed with double layer protection at the front, it includes an inner slot into which you can insert extra filters.

One-size fits all for adults, you can make your own adjustments with the elastic for best fit.

And, the design is snug without being tight, meaning you can still speak clearly and if you wear glasses, keeping the upper edge over your nose and under your specs minimises fogging.

Check out the Face Masks section in Wearables for a whole (expanding) range of designs.

At All Rolled Up we’re committed to reducing waste, so creating many of these styles of Face Masks has provided a perfect chance to use small pieces of fabric or unusual designs that we couldn’t use to make the standard All Rolled Up game roll.

Remember, these are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). Face Masks are primarily designed to protect others, by enclosing your mouth and nose to minimise spray/airborne vapours. Face Masks should be used in conjunction with all other medical and local government advice, including social distancing and hand-washing.

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