This weekend we should have been attending Salute, in London. Right now, we’re in a lockdown of course, and the ExCel is currently serving as the NHS Nightingale Hospital London.

These are tough times for everyone. In these trying times, it’s a challenge to connect here and now with where we might have been. As a small business catering to tabletop gamers, the lack of face-to-face conventions is a big deal.

The advantage of #VirtualGrogmeet and #NotSalute is that we don’t need to make the decision which to attend and we don’t have to leave the house!

And everyone visiting either event — or even if you aren’t — can take advantage of a 10% discount on everything in our web store this weekend by entering FISHFINGER as a Coupon Code (bottom right of the Cart).

Most importantly we don’t need to worry about (un)loading the hire van at the start and end of the event!

The offer runs until the end of Monday, 20th April 2020.

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