Dark Conspiracy

We’re very happy to say we’re involved with another great project with Clockwork PublishingUhrwerk Verlag—as they look to crowdfund blast-from-the-past Dark Conspiracy.

In a near-future United States gripped by another Great Depression, reality has taken a nightmarish twist as energy from dimensions and planes of utter terror seep into this world.

We’re working on designs at the moment, for both All Rolled Up game rolls and our original Folding Dice Trays—the crowdfunding project has another 18 days to run and has already funded.

Go check it out for more information on this twisted and dark world threatened by strange and terrible creatures half-remembered through folklore, legend, conspiracy and history—aliens, dinosaurs, vampires, demons, ghouls and much, much worse. The page has details of the project’s stretch goals, pledge levels and add-ons.

We hope that the game rolls and dice trays will be added as add-on levels very soon. Keep an eye on the project page and updates.

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