Massive Dice Update

Teased yesterday, we got a lot of new dice stock over the Christmas break that we have now added to the Dice section of the web store.

We had a lot of people coming to us conventions around the end of the year wondering whether we would be stocking specific game-related dice sets – and now, I think, we have those requests covered.

Amongst the many options, we have dice for:

  • Changeling 20th Anniversary Edition
  • RuneQuest (beige and turquoise, both core and expansion)
  • Starfinder
  • Many Pathfinder sets (including the Playtest edition set)
  • Call of Cthulhu Outer Gods, Masks and standard sets
  • Q Workshop’s own Galactic, Viking and Classic sets
  • Q Workshop’s Ancient Fudge dice sets (usable for Fate or Fudge)
  • Plus various restocks throughout the range

You can order these through the store now – and expect some of these sets to appear on the stand at events.

We have all these sets in limited quantities – so, it’s first come first!

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