Festive All Rolled Up Stocking

Game rolls and folding dice trays aplenty! We’ll be constantly filling and re-filling the Web Store, re-stocking often over the coming weeks. As well as straight re-stocks, we’re also adding many new items, like the Miskatonic Astronomical Society.

Events and Stock

We have SteamCon and Grogmeet this weekend and Dragonmeet at the start of December – therefore, we have prepared for a lot of potential interest in all kinds of designs and done our best to stock up across the ranges of both our rolling up gaming dice bags and our original folding dice trays.

If you see it marked In Stock, we will turn those orders around as rapidly as we can, once you’ve picked up and paid the invoice.

Correct Details

As we get closer to the festive season and things get more frantic, help us to help you. Check to make sure that you complete your mailing address (Where should we send your order?) and email address (Email) in the fields on the web store order form before you hit Checkout. The checkout isn’t automatic and you won’t be giving payment details straightaway. We will invoice you directly from PayPal.

Mentioning PayPal, make sure you have all your details updated in there, too. We don’t want to disappoint anyone – but, if you don’t have updated details then we can experience problems processing and mailing your order that our beyond our control to correct.

And Finally

Order processing takes time – have patience. If you choose something In Stock and pay your invoice promptly, we can get your purchase out quickly. If you choose something Made to Order or miss the invoice in your spam folder, there will be delays – only some of which we can control!

As we get closer to the end of the year expect us and the worldwide postal system to get a bit slower. If you order something allow reasonable time for delivery based on your location. And, if the delivery really matters to you, ask for insurance on your package.


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