Sizzling 15% Off Sale Persists

If you have taken the chance to grab some neoprene at 15% off in the web store, you’re in luck!

Some of us are off to a convention in Spain this weekend – the Tierra de Nadie con in Mollina (some short distance north of Málaga). On that basis, giving that either we’re sizzling or weather permitting, we’re all sizzling… then the sale continues until we get back.

Get on over to the web store (using the banner links at the top of the site or the All Rolled Up Store navigation in the right-side navigation) and you will find all Neoprene Folding Dice Trays 15% off normal prices.

We have already made all of those reductions for you – so, just find the compact or square neoprene design you like and add them to your shopping cart. No discount codes or strange special offer combos – every In-Stock Neoprene Folding Dice Tray is 15% off until the end of July (or we run out of stock!)

All Square Neoprene Folding Dice Trays are reduced to £10.20. All Compact Neoprene Folding Dice Trays are reduced to £8.50.

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