Sizzling Summer Sale

Whether you’re gaming in the untamed wilds or throwing crits in a caravan, your holiday packing needs the vital component of a gorgeous Neoprene Folding Dice Tray. Tucked in your hand luggage or snuck into your holiday book bag, you can shake those dice with confidence, knowing that you won’t be searching for the d20 in five minutes amongst the sand dunes.

Starting this weekend and running until midnight at the end of July (British Summer Time!), you will find all Neoprene Folding Dice Trays 15% off normal prices.

We’ve will have already made those reductions for you – so, just find the compact or square neoprene design you like and add them to your shopping cart. No discount codes or strange special offer combos – every In-Stock Neoprene Folding Dice Tray is 15% off until the end of July (or we run out of stock!)

All Square Neoprene Folding Dice Trays are reduced to £10.20. All Compact Neoprene Folding Dice Trays are reduced to £8.50.

One thought on “Sizzling Summer Sale

  1. Cyrille Schreurs says:

    Hello Fil, Paul,

    I read about your summer sale and the Essen 2018 pre-order option, would it also be possible to order and pay for the summer sale now and pick up the items in Essen? With a bit of luck some more new designs will come up in the meantime which I can then add to my pre-order.

    Kind regards,

    Cyrille Schreurs

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