UK Games Expo Peoples Choice Award

We had a great time on the All Rolled Up stand at UK Games Expo. Four days of hard work that pays off when we meet great gamers and loyal customers alike, discovering our product for the first time or adding to their existing collection.

Our booth brimmed with product, including the UK Games Expo exclusive dice trays – which sold so well at the event merchandise booth that we had to give them more stock – and the Expo sneak peek release of the Guild Ball Falconer’s Guild folding dice trays, which will see general release in a week’s time.

To top off the weekend, The Cthulhu Hack adventure Three Faces of the Wendigo won the People’s Choice Award for Best Role-playing Adventure – which means that All Rolled Up has had the pleasure of receiving an award at UK Games Expo three times in the last five years.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us over the three days of the event or who we met behind the scenes. Thanks to the organisers and volunteers for another fantastic event. And we’re already looking forward to 2019.

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