Falconer’s Guild Sneak Peak

We’re thrilled to announce that we will not only have Farmers, Morticians, Hunters, Ratcatchers, and Blacksmiths Guilds on the All Rolled Up stand at UK Games Expo [booth 1-J26], we will also have the release of the Falconer’s Guild.

This is a sneak peak opportunity to pick up these two new designs – at both our stand and Steamforged Games – that will not be available in the main web store until later in June.


The inserts for the new Falconer’s Guild Folding Dice Trays for Guild Ball:

3 thoughts on “Falconer’s Guild Sneak Peak

    • Fil & Paul says:

      There’s been a delay in the release of the miniature range, so we have had to delay release of the folding dice tray. Hang in there. It’s coming.

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