The Original Folding Dice Tray

A companion to the All Rolled Up game roll, the Folding Dice Tray provides a compact, flexible and collapsible bowl into which you roll your dice.

Whether you’re a roleplayer, wargamer, board gamer, or trading card player there are dice on the table threatening to roll away or mess up the setup. A Folding Dice Tray provides an ideal companion to keep the table under control and cut the clatter of those dice, too.

The design incorporates opposing snap fasteners in the corners that mean you can form a dice tray to roll into and then open flat, fold it and secure for storage.

Since we introduced the design in April 2015 – winning a Gold Award for it the following year at UK Games Expo 2016 Awards as Best Accessory – we have expanded the range of colours available and introduced (in March 2016) the rubberised neoprene custom-printed version.

Not only can you fold up and collapse down the dice tray, it fits inside the All Rolled Up quite neatly and you can put it together with one hand!

Dice Tray Colours and Designs

The nature of gamers mean that we have constantly expanded and updated the designs and colours available for our Dice Trays; what works for one game might not quite fit the theme or atmosphere of another. Exactly like our All Rolled Up game rolls, many returning customers will choose a folding Dice Tray to fit the mood, game or occasion!

The same runs true for the size and material. We have both 100% wool felt and rubberised neoprene, the latter in both square and compact designs. Every gamer – whether war, roleplaying, board or card gamer – has different demands and needs at the table, and we’ve sought to cater to those needs from the outset with our colours and themes, but always sticking to the same basic design.

Colin Baker awards UK Games Expo ’16 Best Accessory Award for All Rolled Up Folding Dice Tray

Dice Trays Worldwide

The popularity of the All Rolled Up Folding Dice Tray has escalated, spurred on by reviews like The Wargaming Monkey‘s and Tales of a GM, as well as general use at the tabletop events, trade shows and conventions worldwide.

Steamforged Games Resident Evil demo at Spiel 2017 with Bloody Skull compact Folding Dice Tray

Keep an eye on the web store for more felt colours and new custom designs, like the range of fantasy inspired dungeons or deep space themed Dice Trays, available in both square and compact sizes, ideal where tabletop space might be at a premium around your wargame, board game or card game setup.

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      Custom orders are possible, providing you can supply the artwork (with permission), as required. Quantity affects price. Send further information through Contact Us.

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