All Rolled Up Announces Fighting Fantasy License

For many of us, Fighting Fantasy has been part of our whole lives – 35 years of thrilling solo adventures in the lands of Allansia and beyond. From that first meeting with The Warlock of Firetop Mountain in 1982, almost 20 million copies of Fighting Fantasy have sold worldwide in 32 languages.

All Rolled Up are proud to announce a brand new license to produce a range of our products using iconic imagery from Fighting Fantasy. After a highly successful limited run for the first Fighting Fantasy Fest, we couldn’t leave it there – and we’re thrilled to return.

To mark the start of our license, we launched at Dragonmeet in 2017 with a range of dice trays, messenger bags and All Rolled Ups – our must-have essential gaming gear emblazoned with images burned into the memories of so many gamers.

Keep an eye out for future announcements and may your Stamina never run out!

Fighting Fantasy All Rolled Ups

Fighting Fantasy Square Folding Dice Trays

Fighting Fantasy Compact Folding Dice Trays

Fighting Fantasy Half Messenger Bags

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  1. Fil & Paul says:

    We post worldwide. Australia isn’t a problem. When you place your order, we’ll determine the cost, including postage and insurance as appropriate, and invoice you for the total.

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