Maps and T-Shirts

We will have a lot of stock updates over the next week or so, but today we have velvet maps and t-shirts.

We have both t-shirts and maps inspired by the dark fantasy game Symbaroum available in the web store.

We will almost definitely have these with us at Dragonmeet, if you’re attending the first weekend in December. For everyone else, we have limited quantities available at the moment.

These maps feel great and they’re eye-catching table bling for the GM who needs to pimp out their game. Each map is printed on one side and blank on the other. The material means you can easily fold these maps up and pop them inside your All Rolled Up before you roll it and stow it away.

For the t-shirts, we have a selection of sizes (all round necked and one-cut) of the Symbaroum The Throne of Thorns t-shirt, as modelled inexpertly by Paul.

These are black t-shirts with the Symbaroum logo on the front and The Throne of Thorns on the back, available in sizes from L through to 4XL – and you should note your preferred size in the box where you normally say where you heard about us. If you don’t, we’ll ask before we send anything! We have limited stock in all these sizes and will update the website as they run out – so, get in early if there is a size you really wanted for yourself or a gift!

Find shirts and maps in our Accessories.

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