US Deliveries Running Slow

We wanted to bring attention to a situation we have noted over the last couple of months. We have seen deliveries, whether Tracked or not, to the United States running very slow. Obviously, we have no control over the situation once the package leaves our hands through the Post Office – so, we wanted to raise awareness.

Tracked packages to the US are taking up to 3 weeks or more. You have advantage in the tracking with the facility to see what progress that the package has made, but it isn’t going to make it faster. We recommended Tracking because of the festive post and that’s how we’ve become aware of this situation through customers then contacting us with concerns.

Untracked packages to the US appear to be taking as much as 5 – 6 weeks to reach their destination. That’s significantly higher than we would normally expect.

As we say, once we hand the package over we’re unable to do anything, but what we can do is make you aware that the postal system seems to be having a problem. We hope our customers awaiting packages receive them soon and that this situation resolves in the near future.

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