New Dice Trays for January 2017

We’ve added some new designs in our range of Compact and Square neoprene Dice Trays.

The Compact design runs narrow – a rectangle basically. Designed for use where you have limited space – like in the midst of a boardgame or wargame.

The Square design matches our Wool Felt Dice Trays in shape and roughly the same size.

All of our dice trays unsnap and fold in half so they fit snugly inside our All Rolled Up game rolls.

The new dice trays include a Flagstone design by UK Artist Bill Babble of Inked Adventures. The design comes in clay, grey and dirt (dark grey-brown) with a really rich flagstone design in various colours. We think it’s a really eye-catching look, but muted enough that it doesn’t take away from the dice you’re rolling!

We have this design in both Compact and Square.

The other new design expands our Mythos range, introducing the Cthulhu Hack – with the previous design switched to ‘Elder Sign‘.

Based on original art by Henning Ludvigsen, it features the Great Cthulhu looming over a beleaguered fishing boat on a rocky island. Again, available in both Compact and Square designs.

Finally, we have another variant on the popular Dungeon design, again by Bill Babble. We have added a Slate Dungeon to the Square selection.

You can find all of these and more in the Accessory section of the All Rolled Up web store.

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