All Rolled Up at Spiel ’16 – A132 in Hall 2

internationalespieltage_logo_341We will be at Spiel ’16, in Essen, this year, both of us – with the All Rolled Up ready-to-game roll/dice bag and The Cthulhu Hack roleplaying game.

We’re at A132 in Hall 2.

We’re really looking forward to this – and, at the same time, quite overwhelmed by the scale of the event even before we’ve arrived!

On the map, it looks like A132 sits the middle of the south wall to me. Directly opposite Modiphius Entertainment. Between the two doors into Hall 1.

We’ll try to post on social media – Twitter, Google+ and Facebook – if we find a better landmark for you to look out for. At UK Games Expo, we had a big grey bus that made it easier to find us. That sort of thing.

We will have a huge range of All Rolled Up game rolls and tons of folding Dice Trays – both wool felt and printed neoprene. On the basis that the place is HUGE, we can’t really take any pre-orders, but we’ll have a lot, so if you track us down early you’ll have plenty to choose from.

We will also have all the books for The Cthulhu Hack – and this will be the first time you’ll have the chance to pick up physical book copies of the newly released The Cthulhu Hack: The Haunter of the Dark.

We’re happy to say ‘Hi’ and have a chat. Come by and see us. Though the size of the event might make that a challenge…

Spiel ’16 Internationale Spieltage, Messe Essen, 13 – 16 October

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