After Concrete Cow

20160910_135117After a fantastic day at Concrete Cow 16 1/2, we not only played games and picked up our gold ENnie from Cat Tobin and Simon Rogers (of Pelgrane Press), we also emerged with stock (because we always go in with way more than we’ll need).

Yes, we have two more conventions to attend in the next 5 weeks, but in the meantime, you should check out the store. We have marked all the In Stock items and you can have these as soon as they’re paid for – we’ll post them out as soon as practical.

The moratorium on Made to Order stock remains in place until the middle of October (after we return from Spiel). The moment we lift it, you’ll know – and we’ll be set to handle those Christmas orders (that time of year already!). For the time being, expect at least weekly update on In Stock dice bags and trays.

Our next event is Furnace in Sheffield, 8 – 9th October, then almost immediately off to Spiel, 13 – 16th October.

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