All Rolled Up Folding Dice Tray


We needed a new label for our Award Winning Folding Dice Tray accessories – and that seemed as good a moment as any to get a quick explanation across as to how they worked*.

The Folding Dice Trays come in twenty-six (26) colours and shades of 100% wool felt and five (5) variations of printed neoprene, all with durable snaps that have been rigourously tested as part of our Quality Control.

(Actually, the snip-snap-snapping coming from across the house can be quite distracting. Snip-snap. Snip-snap. Snip-snap.)

And we’re even on Instagram:

Clatter-lost, Clatter, Patter – All Rolled Up Folding Dice Tray holds the dice, dulls the clatter.

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You can order Wool Felt Dice Trays and Neoprene Printed Dice Trays through our All Rolled Up Store.

* Rolls of 20 on twenty-sided die not guaranteed. Dice roll results may vary; they may roll low and well as high.

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