ARU Awakens

We’ve been busy preparing stock – and tomorrow we’re bundling ourselves into a car to head down for Concrete Cow 16 in Milton Keynes. It’ll be our chance to see friends, play (and run) games and show off one or two new designs that we have been dying to drop on the site / stall for a while now. Alas, rolls of fabric do not magically turn themselves into sturdy and dependable game rolls. The crafting area currently looks like it has been through the wars!

Now we’re ready – and we think some of these designs might be quite popular! While we’re had classic ships and heroes in the All Rolled Up store for a while now, we’re happy to bring the new characters to star on their own dice bags.

These are so new, I haven’t even come up with their names yet (except the one in the middle front – Back to Jakku). Don’t rush me, I’ll get there before long. Expect to find them in the Premium All Rolled Up section of the site before too long – just have to edit all the pictures.


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