Conception 2016

uk-games-expo-2013We’re getting ready – Fil and me – to head down to the south coast for three and a bit days of gaming fun and rain at Conception.

That means two things:

If you place a web order this weekend, we’ll attempt to get back to you with an invoice as soon as possible. As we run a site with no special automation – to ensure you get the product you want, where you want it – one of us needs to get online to sort it out… and connectivity at the site we’ll be on isn’t great!

We will process your order with priority, and will drop a mail back to you to confirm receipt the moment we get a chance. Actual mailing of stock or work on made to order items will kick off again from Tuesday next week.

If you’re attending Conception, we will have a wide range of All Rolled Up game rolls with us, along with Dice Trays (of most, if not all, of the 25 available colours), wipeable index cards (in two sizes), dry wipe pens and more.

We will also have a limited stock of games from Lamentations of the Flame Princess – copies of Carcosa, Vordheim and A Red and Pleasant Land. We had a stall alongside James Raggi at Dragonmeet and thought we’d lend a hand at events he couldn’t attend in person.

If you’re at Conception, we’ll be in The Park from late Thursday – when we’re setting up – with sales Friday through to Sunday. Hope to see you there!

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