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We’re getting back into the groove with all our orders after the festive break and looking forward to an interesting new year. We have a whole bunch of convention events in the UK – including UK Games Expo and Dragonmeet – plus an trip over to Essen for Spiel ’16 in the last quarter of the year.

We’ll post an event calendar soon!

We will have a steady flow and update of stock on the website, from minor material tweaks to whole new ranges. Look out for them!

Chanced upon discussion of ‪#‎rpglifeuk‬ on Twitter where we were really pleased to see All Rolled Ups dice bags and our flexible dice trays come up in the discussion about essential accessories for the gaming table!

You can find the whole range of 100% wool felt dice trays – 25 colours in total to suit your dice roll, your dice or personal taste – in the Accessories section of the web store. Indeed, the fact we have 25 options makes us wonder whether it might be time to add a new category to the store itself!

Finally, we’re in the early stages of thinking about a Travel All Rolled Up (the TrARU?) challenge – to see just how far around the world we can go and what sun-soaked shores an ARU might visit.

What we’re thinking is that we make a special travel All Rolled Up dice bag and send it out to willing participants who have signed up to the ‘challenge’. When you receive the Travel ARU, you use it at a gaming session or take it to your local Friendly Local Games Store and take a picture… and then pass it along to the next person on the list.

At the end of a long chain we’ll have a well-travelled All Rolled Up. Perhaps with a single memento from each visit – like a counter, bead, dice, playing card or pencil. We’ve seen it done with other accessories of gaming before – like character sheets or miniatures. What do you think?

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